Pasta Fracasso

Our pasta is like us.

Pasta Fracasso is like us: direct, genuine, simply different.

Our pasta is emotion, because it is the fruit of our wheat, which we personally follow throughout its journey, without any external intervention, until it lands on your table.

Our pasta is true craftsmanship , locally sourced: only pure water, bronze die-casting, and a real slow drying.

A journey of hard work, of wisdom, of passion.

We personally follow not only the sowing, the growth and harvesting of our wheat, but also the selection and preservation of the grains, until they arrive in the stone mill, expertly rebuilt by our miller: it is here that we obtain the flour, rich in living nutrients, such as the beneficial wheat germ and a high protein content.

In the pasta factory, the dough, made of flour and pure water, becomes, like magic, our pasta, through the bronze drawing that holds all the flavours, and a slow 48 hours drying at 42 degrees.
The result is a porous, rich product with an intense and fragrant flavor. A wholemeal pasta made to perfection, whose aroma, which is released during the cooking phase, is indicative of the maximum quality and wholesomeness of the wheat used.


Strict control for total food safety

Before packing, each batch of pasta is sampled and analyzed by control bodies that certify residuals, absence of toxins and GMOs. Only in this way, with the certainty of a healthy pasta, we can ship it over to you. Our pasta is carries our name to give you the certainty of maximum wholesomeness. Find out yourself : a taste is all it takes.

Discover our two products: L'Integrale and La Delicata

Perfect for those who love healthy food, and are looking for a pastawith high a protein and fiber , as well as maximum digestibility and a minimum glycemic index; for those who love pasta, and its true value, and know the importance of cereals in their diet. A taste that gives emotion and that enhance ideas and culinary combinations.

L'Integrale e La Delicata



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