Azienda Agricola Fracasso

We produce excellence in a sustainable and responsible manner.

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food"

- Hippocrates -

This sentence is written on the walls of the granary of Ca' Salvioni, the XVIII century farmhouse which stands on the fields of Azienda Agricola Fracasso, as it summarizes our philosophy. We have been growing corn, soy, alfalfa, peas and beans, but above all our wheat for three generations, and we have been doing so persuaded that eating healthy is possible.

Our land is in the fertile Veneto plain, nested between the two rivers Adige and Po, an unspoiled oasis in Pontecchio Polesine, rich in biodiversity and ancestral traditions - that we have always respected. We are a farm that produces excellence as we follow our crops from the land to the final product on your table: that's our edge.


Our philosophy

We believe in what we do and we apply a strict protocol: our wheat is sampled and analyzed by control bodies that certify the total wholesomeness and absence of GMOs. Our pasta is handmade in every step of production, so as to guarantee the safety of the final product.

We invite you to a journey into our milling and pasta making, a journey made up of a few but essential steps, which we want to introduce you to, so that you can follow our wheat from the land to your table table, for you and your guests to enjoy.
This is why we have created our nutritional well-being protocol:

  • Our fields are framed by 6 meters wide uncultivated strips, where herbaceous and arboreal species give life to an incredible world of biodiversity;
  • Over the years we have identified flavoury varieties of wheat capable of integrating in the plain environment;
  • Each agronomic intervention is prepared with the application of scouting: a healthy walk between our fields that places man at the center of the technical choice;
  • The data collected during scouting are used in conjunction with cutting-edge techniques such as geo-referencing and processing with satellite-controlled machines;
  • Technology is only a part of our process: axial threshing caresses the seed without altering the germ, just as tradition requires;
  • To avoid any form of pollution, the transport and storage of each individual crop are performed by placing the crop iinside sealed containers;

delibera del benessere

We defend the plant in all its growth path for a single final objective: a higher protein content (16.3% in the whole-wheat).

We certify the absence of toxins, a zero residue of plant protection products. A path in five points with which we celebrate the simplicity and respect of Mother Nature, leaving nothing to chance.

  • Scouting technique: man walks in the fields. The farmer makes the choices;
  • Geo-referencing : the farm is entirely geo-referenced, to monitor the earth at a geological level and in its physic-chemical characteristics;
  • We carry out leaf analyzes on the grain, which are used to understand the state of health of the plant;
  • We use predictive mathematical models to protect our crops, not relying on a calendar, but by reading the plant day by day;
  • All is executed with precision farming machinery and equipment: precision farming by satellite control;


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