Food Safety

Transparency, traceability, locally sourced agricultural products

Our pasta is certified by external analyses carried out in every moment of its transformation: wheat analysis, flour analysis, pasta analysis, so that you will be aware of what always tell you eat.

Total safe product
We publish the analyses, aware of their not easy reading, but eager to express a message of maximum transparency and traceability; the results are clear: no presence of GMOs and no chemical residues of Aflatoxins, responsible for many carcinogenic diseases.

Unparalleled nutrition
The Pasta Fracasso protein content is equal to 16.30%, one of the highest values on the market. Proteins are also the perfect indicator to know the quality of pasta.

"Pasta (wheat) Fracasso stands out for the highest protein content, for the highest content in fiber and for processing at low temperature and slow drying that ensure the maintenance of all the micronutrients. This makes the pasta particularly suitable for nutritional regimens in which the content in CHO (carbohydrates) should be limited or controlled (diabetic, overweight, pregnancy, diet of the sportsman in training or in pre-competition).

The highest protein content also guarantees a greater satiating capacity and completes the protein intake deriving from other plant or animal sources. "

Guido Senesi
PhD in Medicine and Nutrition
Padua University

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Stone mill with live wheat germ
Slow and low temperature drying
GMO free
Short cooking time
Bronze die
Certified healthy product
Very high digestibility
Locally grown cereals



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